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If you wanna choose an ideal plastic extrusion molds,what kind of factors should be considered ?

Of course a high quality product first comes to our mind, but what kind of mould could be called high quality?one of the most requirements for the processing and manufacturing of a plastic molds is high precision.

So there are some following criteria must be met:

1.Reasonable structure design
2.High-quality mould steel
3.Advanced molds processing equipment
4.Long service life
5.Continuous tech improvement
6.Experienced operators etc.

WEI LEI mould use advanced CNC processing machine, we have over 35 experienced first line operators, also we have best design team, which can ensure our products ideal design,flexible and adjustable flow, high adaptability to formula, it highly reduce your production line cost, improve your products competition.whats more, products surface is smooth and without mechanical texture.

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Post time: Sep-24-2021